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Yoga Definition and Origin

Yoga Quotes “…you feel separate from your true Self, and you are trying to become reunited; that is yoga.” – Nisargadatta Maharaj  Yoga Definition  “Yoga has popularly been translated as “union with the divine” and may refer to a number of different spiritual systems.” – Edwin F. Bryant “…the common denominator of all the epic definitions […]

Nisargadatta Maharaj’s Life History

  What is Nisarga Yoga?  – click here What did Nisargadatta Maharaj practice and teach? – click here How to pronounce Nisargadatta Maharaj?  Ni-sar-ga-da-tta Ma-ha-raj Who was Nisargadatta Maharaj? Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj was born on 17th April 1897 in Bombay (Maharashtra, India), on the day of Hanuman Jayanti. Coinciding his birthday with this annual celebration, […]