Nisargadatta Maharaj PDF


This Nisargadatta Maharaj pdf download helps to explain Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teaching as documented in his books including I Am That.

This pdf is a diagram which is designed to clarify the following:

  • False self (ego, body-mind identity, dream state)
  • Raja guna, Tamas guna, Sattva guna
  • Desire and fear and daily life seen as suffering and seeking
  • Maya – the projected world of time and space with the 5 elements
  • The vital breath
  • Self-love, which Nisargadatta Maharaj calls the Primary Illusion
  • Consciousness (I am-ness, beingness, being)
  • The witness
  • Meditation and self-inquiry (sadhana / the seven principles of Nisarga Yoga)
  • Awareness (the nondual Self)
  • Absolute Reality (Indefinable and eternal Supreme state of Pure Being, the deathless Source)

Download here: Nisargadatta Maharaj PDF Nisarga Yoga