Non-dual Coaching and Counselling Nisargadatta Maharaj

My name is Nic Higham, I’m a counsellor based in Leicester, UK offering non-dual therapy, counselling and coaching both online and in person.

Suffering is part of the human condition and can be a catalyst for spiritual insight if we are able to mindfully hold and attend to it. Sometimes we need the help of a caring teacher, helper, guide, healer or therapist to safely and effectively do so. With facilitated inquiry and someone to compassionately hold space, we find that our suffering consists of thoughts, feelings and mental images of desire and fear, and ultimately a sense of separateness. As I write in my non-duality book, in a multitude of ways we seek an end to the brokenness we experience and with which we have wrongly but innocently identified.

“…you feel separate from your true Self, and you are trying to become reunited; that is yoga.”

“The Supreme State is universal, here and now; everybody already shares in it… Who does not like to be, or does not know his own existence? But we take no advantage of this joy of being conscious, we do not go into it and purify it of all that is foreign to it. This work of mental self-purification, the cleansing of the psyche, is essential… [The] mistaken idea: ‘I am the body-mind’ causes the self-concern, which obscures… It is useless to fight the sense of being a limited and separate person unless the roots of it are laid bare… Clarification of the mind is Yoga.”

– Nisargadatta Maharaj

The way I work with clients is based predominantly on the teaching of the great Adviata teacher Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897 – 1981), specifically what he called Nisarga Yoga, meaning ‘Natural Unity’. This kind of yoga is not a physical practice, but a blend of simple and effective principles of meditation and self-inquiry which I bring into a therapeutic space.

“I don’t ask anybody to follow any particular path. I just tell them to be what they are, in their natural, spontaneous state. Stabilize there, in the beingness.”

– Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisarga Yoga, which was first defined in the book ‘I Am That’, is a powerful exploration of one’s body and mind, and life as a whole. It’s the work of Consciousness (Being, I-Am-ness, presence) of identifying, embracing and releasing the limiting self-concepts we take ourselves to be in order to unveil the truth of what we are.

I offer a caring reflective setting for the clarification of the body-mind (often characterised and clouded by energies and stories of desire and fear) and the blossoming of Self-Awareness.

Nisarga Yoga is the ultimate search within, and to delve into our immediate sense of Being in order to connect with its non-dual source is the heart of Maharaj’s approach. I do not, however, negate our miraculous humanness and the sometimes painful stories it ensues which I believe need and deserve understanding, compassion and attention. If we take time to look within and learn to trust and follow our knowledge and feeling ‘I Am’, we gradually unveil the natural unity (non-duality), security and fulfilment that we already are.

Non-duality sessions provide a blend of facilitated reflection, non-dual pointing, guided meditation, and self-inquiry based on the seven principles of Nisarga Yoga:

– Non-identification and right understanding
– Interest and earnestness
– Spontaneity and effortlessness
– Attentiveness to being
– Right action
– Going within to go beyond
– Awareness of Self

If this page resonates with you, you’re serious about applying Nisargadatta Maharaj’s teaching to your life, contact me. We can either meet in person at my private practice in Leicester UK, or online via Skype. Sessions last 50 minutes and cost £60