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“The Nisarga Yoga, the ‘natural’ Yoga of Maharaj, is disconcertingly simple – the mind, which is all-becoming, must recognise and penetrate its own being, not as being this or that, here or there, then or now, but just as timeless being.”

“To rectify [the] misunderstanding of one’s reality, the only way is to take full cognisance of the ways of one’s mind and to turn it into an instrument of self-discovery.”

– Maurice Frydman


Nisarga Yoga – Principle One of Seven

Non-identification and right understanding

If we understand the mind its hold on us will cease, said Nisargadatta Maharaj, the founder of Nisarga Yoga. All mind states, every name and form of existence are rooted in imagination and non-inquiry. Self-realisation is the converse of ignorance. In the popular spiritual book ‘I Am That’, Nisargadatta points out that to take the world as real and one’s self as unreal is ignorance — the root of suffering. Our fundamental struggle lies in the wrong use of the mind. Right understanding is the only medicine. Boundless gifts are open to those who use their mind correctly. Nisargadatta said that we should use the mind to understand the mind. In non-dual spirituality, using the mind as a tool entirely appropriate and provides the ideal groundwork for going beyond the mind. The tainted mind obscures truth; the clear mind is transparent; truth is seen through it without difficulty and with precision. Fear and desire are the obscuring factors. Right understanding of oneself is critical for freedom from the captivity of falsehood.

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