The Conditioning Will Fall Off By Itself – Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisargadatta Maharaj: It is not you who will get rid of this conditioning, the conditioning will fall off by itself. Instead of trying to be in that state before the consciousness came, you get involved in all kinds of concepts which arise after the arising of consciousness. All your thinking is conceptual.

l have told you that you are that state before the arising of the body and consciousness. Accept it and be that.

So long as consciousness is there, get the conviction that you are consciousness and not the body. What was I before the consciousness came upon me? That is my true state. How is it that I have reached my original state? I have reached my original state because I have totally discarded anything that this world can give me. Any status or money or anything. Compared to my original state, my true nature, this consciousness is as despicable as urine, One may go to any number of gurus but so long as you get yourselves involved conceptually in the state subsequent to the arrival of consciousness, you will never reach that original state.

You must reach that state yourself. No one else can do it for you.

I am not worried about the cessation of breath. Let the breath stop. I will be back in my original state. I am not enamored of the flattery and the status which the world In ay offer me and that is why I am fully aware of my original state.

If someone who is supposed to be a Jnani specifies where his body is to be buried, what kind of a Jnani is that? It’s best not to talk of this because even the most famous of Jnanis have done this.

It is because of these things which I have known that I consider myself alone in this state which I have reached. Because I have totally disregarded anything concerned with the sleeping and waking states and the consciousness. I have kept myself totally aloof from it to the extent I don’t care where the body is or whatever happens to it.

In my original state, I was awake, I was never asleep, and nobody else has told me, I know it for myself. There is no proof for it. This is something I know intuitively, as a fact. It is not a theoretical theory. It is a fact that I know.

Q: When M. wakes up, how does he come back to his body?

Nisargadatta Maharaj: That which is to come from somewhere and go somewhere, does it have any shape or form? You are thinking in terms of an individual body. You are thinking of the life force which is in the body. If someone heats some cold water, can anyone tell him how or why it got warm? With what feet did the warmth come into the water? We are talking about this consciousness which is without shape or form, that is universal, infinite. It has no limit – it is beyond any concept of finite or infinite.

Because I know my true nature, the witnessing of the waking and sleep states takes place and the consciousness witnesses everything that takes place in consciousness. It is very simple.

These people were not here. I know that. They have come and I know that they have come. So also I know that the waking-sleeping states and consciousness were not there at one time and that they have come subsequently.

In your perfect state you do not know you are. If you are healthy in body, you are not aware of the body as such. When there is some ill health, or pain, you feel the pain. Then that pain says, “I am.” In my perfect state I am perfect, total, complete. I don’t know I am. There is nobody else except myself. In that state, why should I know myself, because it is perfect, healthy, wholesome. In that wholesome state, this pimple or this sickness has come now, this boil has come up, “I AMNESS”. Therefore I AMNESS started knowing itself, like that pain. It just sprouted there, it didn’t come from anywhere, The trouble is, you must be in the test tube, you should be part of the experiment. That you are not doing. You are talking. “Oh, that is Parabrahman, this is Brahman.” You want to be secure in the body- mind. First of all, make a firm decision to determine about oneself – what am I? Otherwise you will be flowing here and there.

The words of Nisargadatta Maharaj from The Jean Dunn Journals