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Use the table below to find out which three gunas and life purpose are associated with your birthdate to help explain your personality and what drives you


Your Three Birthdate Gunas and Life Purpose According to Vedic Astrology

Each manifestation in the universe is formed of three gunas or qualities. This includes your personality.

The Three Gunas – The Qualities of Psychology


  • Tamasic states include: laziness, inertia, depression, helplessness, doubt, guilt, shame, boredom, addiction, hurt, sadness, apathy, confusion, grief, dependency, resistance to change
  • Tamas means ‘ignorance’ or ‘darkness’


  • Rajasic states include: anger, anxiety, stress, fear, irritation, worry, restlessness, rumination, chaos, over-excitement, nervousness, jealousy, busy-mind, impatience, craving
  • Rajas means ‘pollen of the flowers’ indicating that flowers have the ability to create new flowers, therefore rajas is the quality of creativity and seeking


  • Sattvic states include: balance, purity, happiness, joy, peace, wellness, freedom, love, compassion, equanimity, empathy, truth, focus, self-control, trust, calmness, friendliness
  • Sattva means ‘Sat’ = ‘being’ and ‘Va’ = ‘where purity dwells’


“Take anger. I may be furious, pacing the room up and down; at the same time I know what I am, a centre of wisdom and love, an atom of pure existence. All subsides and the mind merges into silence… Anger came and dissolved on my remembering myself. It is all a play of gunas (qualities of cosmic matter). When I identify myself with [the gunas], I am their slave. When I stand apart, I am their master.”

– Nisargadatta Maharaj


Take the Three Gunas Personality Quiz to see how the gunas are influencing your life right now (click here)


This Table Shows Which Gunas Are Associated With Your Birthdate

Primary Guna, Secondary Guna and Tertiary Guna

  • Primary level guna (physical): the one whose quality is most evident and which others perceive
  • Secondary level guna (mental): expresses concealed mental attitudes and helps to produce ideas and thoughts
  • Third level guna (spiritual): expresses a deeper, internal level, that stays hidden from others

The Effect of Your Guna Composition

  • If all the three levels of gunas are identical, there’s a concentration of the quality
  • If two gunas are the same, then the third guna helps to bring balance
  • If all are different, you will have many characteristics and the mind moves with the three qualities continually

The Four Life Goals in Hinduism (chaturvarga)

  • Dharma (duty) – the ability to take the right action in life, duty to others and to ourselves
  • Artha (material gain) – goals orientated around work, career, and financial matters
  • Kama (physical and sense pleasures) – desires and needs on a practical level, passion: sexual, religious, for life
  • Moksha (release or salvation) – enlightenment, nirvana, transcending the physical life to attain higher Awareness


“In order to realize That which is already with you, surrender to your consciousness and propitiate it. Then you will achieve all the four principal objects of human existence (Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).”

– Nisargadatta Maharaj


BirthdayPrimary Guna (Physical)Secondary Guna (Mental)Tertiary Guna (Spiritual)Aim / Desire
28 December to 11 JanuarySattvaRajasTamasMoksha
11 January to 24 January SattvaRajasSattvaMoksha
24 January to 6 FebruarySattvaTamasRajasArtha
6 February to 19 February SattvaTamasTamasDharma
19 February to 4 MarchSattvaTamasSattvaDharma
4 March to 17 MarchSattvaSattvaRajasArtha
17 March to 31 MarchSattvaSattvaTamasKama
31 March to 13 AprilSattvaSattvaSattvaMoksha
13 April to 27 AprilRajasRajasRajasDharma
27 April to 11 MayRajasRajasTamasArtha
11 May to 25 MayRajasRajasSattvaKama
25 May to 8 JuneRajasTamasRajasMoksha
8 June to 21 JuneRajasTamasTamasMoksha
21 June to 5 JulyRajasTamasSattvaKama
5 July to 19 JulyRajasSattvaRajasArtha
19 July to 2 AugustRajasSattvaTamasDharma
2 August to 16 AugustRajasSattvaSattvaDharma
16 August to 30 AugustTamasRajasRajasArtha
30 August to 13 SeptemberTamasRajasTamasKama
13 September to 26 SeptemberTamasRajasSattvaMoksha
26 September to 10 OctoberTamasTamasRajasMoksha
10 October to 23 OctoberTamasTamasTamasKama
23 October to 6 November TamasTamasSattvaArtha
6 November to 19 NovemberTamasSattvaRajasDharma
19 November to 2 DecemberTamasSattvaTamasDharma
2 December to 15 DecemberTamasSattvaSattvaArtha
15 December to 28 December SattvaRajasRajasKama

(Source: Komilla Sutton)

Now, take the Three Gunas Personality Quiz to see how the gunas are influencing your life right now (click here)


Rajas is the quality of taking action. This guna indicates an outward search for the answers of life. You are driven by a great inner thirst. As you seek recognition, respect and success, you might be a high achiever.

You may often feel busy, passionate, aggressive, frustrated, creative, have an over-active mind and body and are prone to anxiety, stress and panic. You are easily moved by your feelings. You feel overwhelmed at times and lack focus, but you are highly motivated and feel as if you are always seeking something. You are very active, mentally and physically.

You enjoy a challenge and have a full work and social diary. The attainment of material possessions could be important to you. You probably find it difficult to do self-inquiry and meditation. You need to increase the sattva guna. The light of spiritual insight will help reveal the answers already within yourself and stop you from seeking endlessly.


Tamas is the attribute of darkness or ignorance. You may sometimes / often feel apathetic, lazy, sluggish, fearful, foggy and prone to depression and sadness. You may avoid situations, feel tired a lot of the time and lack motivation. You find it easy to sleep and habitually move yourself away from stress, but may experience periods of loneliness.

You may be struggling with addiction and resistance to change. Tamas indicates a life led on a practical, worldly level and you may be bound to your earthly desires. Tamasic people have a mental attitude that emphasises sensuality. The attainment of sensual gratification could be important to you. Attainment of such desires creates a cycle of fulfilment and dissatisfaction.

You probably find it difficult to do self-inquiry and meditation. You need to increase the sattva guna. The light of spiritual insight will help you move beyond the darkness.


Sattva is the attribute of purity and lucidity. You are mostly calm, easy-going, accepting, contented and have your focus on realising your true Self / Truth. You’re very discerning and have a mind for clarity. You put others first and lead a compassionate and orderly life. The attainment of self-realisation is important you.

You do well to balance the other two gunas and mostly utilise them well. You probably find it quite easy to do self-inquiry and meditation. You follow the light and your intuition. You believe in purity of being, thought and action.

While sattva is thought to be the most ideal guna to have, too much of it can make us dysfunction in the physical world. It’s all about balance, but balance comes easy to a truly sattvic person.