What is Nisarga Yoga of Nisargadatta Maharaj

Nisarga Yoga of the great Advaita (nonduality) master Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (1897 – 1981), is a natural and simple way of approaching life. Our body-mind recognises and connects with its own ‘I am-ness’, not as an ‘I am someone’ or ‘I am something’ but simply as pure timeless being. The core of Nisarga Yoga is to meditate on the ‘I am’ and inquire into its source. For this beingness must have an ultimate origin from which it flows and to which it eventually returns – our true Self, the Absolute.

To correct the misconception of who or what think we are, we must fully understand the patterns of the mind and turn it into a tool of Self-remembrance. Living life mindfully and effortlessly in full awareness and spontaneity, being deeply interested in life cultivate the heart of Nisarga Yoga. No longer unconscious or passive, we become conscious and engaged in consciousness itself.

In this dwelling on consciousness or the sense of ‘I am’, dependence, preparation or initiation are unnecessary. But refraining from hurting others – what Nisargadatta Maharaj calls ‘harmlessness’ – is the most powerful and fruitful practice. Rather than a mere spiritual practice, Nisarga Yoga is the art of living in peace, harmony, friendliness and love, all of which are the qualities of the sattva guna.

We must meet and be with our own inner life, learn from it, follow it, embrace it, and give it our earnest focus. Nisargadatta Maharaj reassures us we need no other guide. Our steadfast desire for Truth beyond worldly knowledge influences our daily life and a quiet equanimity becomes apparent. The fruit of Nisarga Yoga is unconditional happiness. “Normal” life continues, but is seen to be spontaneous and unbound, meaningful and contented.