Testimonials and Reviews

Scott Kiloby:

“I’ve worked closely with Nic Higham for several years and have read his website posts about awakening with great interest and resonance. Working with Nic so closely over the years, I can assure you that his experience is direct.” – Scott Kiloby is a noted author, speaker, and expert on the subject of addiction, mindfulness and authentic spiritual awakening. 

Fiona Robertson:

“At the heart of Nic Higham’s meditative reflections on non-duality lies an invitation to deep self-inquiry… With kindness and clarity, he elucidates the qualities necessary for us to experience for ourselves what the phrase non-dual really means. As an experienced mental health professional, he has combined a deep understanding of both psychology and non-duality to create a work… by which to guide us into the knowing we are all ultimately seeking.” – Fiona Robertson is an author, trainer and senior facilitator of The Living Inquires.

Jeff Foster:

“With incredible patience, Nic meets with all kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds who are often in profound distress, and brings deep listening and loving presence, which I believe are the foundations of true healing. Nic Higham challenges us to stop running away from our present experience—however uncomfortable or intense it is—and plunge into the ocean of present-moment awareness. This is not about ‘letting go of’ or ‘releasing’ our anxiety, fears, and sorrows. This is not about destroying the ego or becoming a spiritually enlightened, super-human being, immune to the pains of being human. This is about being exactly as we are, human vulnerabilities and all. This is about letting go of our assumptions about reality and becoming deeply curious about ourselves, allowing our feelings instead of resisting them, watching our thoughts instead of trying to control them, questioning our beliefs instead of holding to them. This is about discovering the beauty in our ordinariness, the divine essence in our flaws, and coming to see that loneliness is not an enemy, or a mistake, or a sign of our failure, but a great signpost to non-dual awareness, a call to remember this constant, brilliant light that illuminates our lives from deep within.” – Jeff Foster is one of the best known spiritual teachers in practice today.